In our Portuguese wine e-shop  you will find the creation of the top winemakers in Portugal. 

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About us
Commitment to excellence and thoroughness has allowed us to dig deep into the routs of one the exceptional Old World wine country - Portugal. We are the ambassadors of new age Portuguese winemakers, while incorporating a selection of more renowned masters, some of them so legendary they are nicknamed after a grape variety. Even though it's somewhat funny as its honourable, to earn this it takes skill, talent and most of all long term commitment. We value these small traits in our producers & we hope you can taste their dedication in our wines which are all hand-picked and personally selected
Carlos & Sandra (founders of Wine Not?) 


Our wine bar is open again and we look forward to welcoming all our clients for some cozy wining and a chat. 


We have opened an e-shop so that our clients would not need to miss their favourite Portuguese wines. Let the e-shopping and home deliveries begin! Share your experiences with us over Facebook and Instagram - #winenottallinn